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18-century award winning landscape gardens with follies plus a tea room

Award winning landscape garden situated in Cobham Surrey, is a perfect weekend get-away in the summer. It has numerous follies one can admire with family and friends alike - from gothic turkish tower tent to North American trees and shrubs to mystical grotto and vineyards it has a unique charm spread over 158 acres.

Best Enjoyed : Bring a picnic on a sunny day

Distance from London : 20 miles

Ticketed entry, Free parking, Dogs allowed ,Tea rooms & Gift shop

Must-see : Crystal Grotto

Surely a hidden gem is the naturalistic cave with shimmering, bubbling water, rocks and stalactites completely made of the crystals. Delve into this treasure-trove grotto, and admire the magnificence and mystery of this centerpiece - crystals attached on the walls"like icicles". The structure was originally created from scratch back in the 1760's by Charles Hamilton and as you wander you could be easily forgiven for thinking you have strayed into one of Gandalf's hideout.

Overall, a seamless blend of garden with the countryside and enchanting structures. Are you ready to explore this naturalistic masterpiece? Visit the website now to get going.

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